"Nelson Denis"Nelson Antonio Denis is a writer, film director, and former New York State Assemblyman. His award-winning films premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and screened throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

His editorials for the New York Daily News and El Diario (over 300 of them) won awards from the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

He is the writer of eight feature-length screenplays, writer/director of the feature film Vote For Me!, and author of the book War Against All Puerto Ricans.

Vote For Me "The Movie"


He represented El Barrio/East Harlem in the New York State Assembly (1996-2000) and developed a leadership initiative with the Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation.

Denis recently completed the novel JUAN BOBO, and has a lifelong interest in the history, culture and folklore of Puerto Rico.

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